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How to Talk to Your Child about Being Dyslexic

I get that question quite a lot, especially before an initial assessment, when a parent (usually mum) wants to protect her child from finding out that there may be ‘something wrong’ with them. They may ask me to not mention the ‘D’-word or to make sure that their fragile self-esteem doesn’t get crushed even further.

I fully understand that and applaud the parent for their care. But I also explain that they are missing the point: When I explain to a child how amazing dyslexic people are, that they ‘rule the world’, so to speak and that they would be fortunate indeed to be in such great company with the likes of Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver, Keira Kneightly, Johnny Depp, Einstein…they don’t feel stupid any more. The reason that they are lacking the self esteem is that they are not performing at the same level than their peers and that they have drawn the wrong conclusion from that in the first place. The Dyslexia label replaces their perception of themselves as being less intelligent than their friends. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are some great answers too:


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Channing Tatum and his Dyslexia and ADHD

More and more actors and actresses are coming out: they are dyslexic.

I don’t think it’s ‘fashionable’, but it helps explain why they are really good at their profession: An actor who has a visual way of feeling himself into a role would of course¬†add¬†depth and character to his role. It doesn’t mean that they are the only good actors or actresses, but that it comes more naturally to them:

Jack Nicholson, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Tom Cruise, Whoopy Goldberg, Jennifer Aniston, Keira Kneightly, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Cher, Aamir Khan, Harry Belafonte, Channing Tatum (read his story below)….

and the list just goes on.

Channing Tatum and Dyslexia/ADHD