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“But Why” book series for children

I have been invited to the book launch of a very inspiring 6-book series of EVIDENCE-BASED Books helping children to become the best that they can be!

The author, Fay Karpouzis, an expert on ADHD, launches them very appropriately with a teddy-bears picnic on Sunday, December 4 (11 am to 1 pm) at Blackburn Gardens, 536 New South Head Road, Double Bay.

More details on this website:

about the series:

“The positive impact these activities will have on your child will empower them. The whole family will be inspired to continue using these evidence-based healthy lifestyle activities together.”
“These books are best suited for the 4-8 age group. They are perfect for any parent who would like to know how to help their child achieve their physical, mental and emotional well-being.” 

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Math book published

– To learn your 6, 7, and 8 times tables with ease and fun,

You don’t have to be Dyslexic, but it helps –

Most dyslexics are picture thinkers – and therefore visual learners. Learning by rote, as most students remember the times tables, does not come easily to them.  To help students to learn them quickly and have fun, the author used mnemonics, an ancient way of memorizing information visually.

This book is for students, parents, teachers, facilitators or anyone, who has ever been frustrated about learning or teaching the times tables.

It will give you an insight into the dyslexic mindset and why some dyslexic students find maths easy, while others struggle at it as much as at literacy.

In a practical and logical way, the author helps the parent or tutor to guide a student through the easy and the difficult times tables, enabling the child to remember everything in a couple of days – and never again forgetting it. We need to use our children’s gifts in order to empower them to reach their full potential.

available on kindle / or Amazon:

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My Ayurveda Diet

Just a quick update on an experience that I have found quite interesting and important.

I had received a voucher for an Ayurvedic massage for my birthday. It was lovely, but it also gave me an insight worth sharing. As part of the ‘deal’, the Ayurvedic doctor assessed my body type. Well, there is a Vata Type, a Pitta Type (fiery) and a Kapha Type (sluggish).

Most people are a combination of the three, with one being dominant. My dominance is Vata (airy: cold hands, moving a lot…) and according to the good doctor, everything I have eaten and done, is wrong: I should not eat raw and cold food like smoothies or salads, but instead steamed or boiled vegetables, soups, dairy and sweet fruit, starchy carbs…

Even the exercises and breathing was wrong, according to her: I should only do yoga or something light, no running & swimming. The breathing is too deep, she would teach me how to breathe into my chest instead of my abdomen.

And then supplements: I need: Cow’s urine, turmeric (which is the only thing that I have done ‘right’ so far), wheatgrass, etc.

Needless to say, I disregarded everything and keep going with the meditations and whatever my body likes…and cow’s urine isn’t one of the things.

and now I am taking a deep breath and let it go!

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Scottish School scraps Homework

A school in the Highlands has stopped setting homework for its 175 pupils.
The decision was taken at Highland Council-run Inverlochy Primary in Fort William after the children and their parents voted to scrap it.
About 80% of pupils and more than 60% of their parents voted in favour of an end to homework.
Instead of homework, the children will be encouraged to read books and comics that interest them and to play.
Highland Council allows head teachers, staff and parents to make decisions on the running of schools.

I’m sure some schools will follow this lead – and what a great idea, at least for most kids. However, this won’t suit all children, but I believe that there are other issues that need to be considered, especially the responsibility of parents on how to fill ‘the gap’ in time.