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Art and Creativity – and a great dyslexic example

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These two photographs were attached to an email I received that made me smile and appreciate the creative ways of dyslexic individuals to entertain themselves and create art and beauty as a by-product for us to admire:

Thank you so much for entering our lives.
I have a good feeling about this too.
I’ve started to read your book and I couldn’t stop crying. It’s the relief mostly. Knowing now that he’s actually a picture thinker, a right brainer! And that there is light for him.

Peter is unique and after your initial consultation and reading into it more, I can understand his behaviour now.
I had the perfect example of this, this last weekend gone by.
Instead of finishing a PDHPE assignment that was already 2 days late, he firstly fell asleep at the table, then after I let him sleep, later began to find things to fix, like the unused doorbell. He also unscrewed the peep hole out of the door and proceeded to take a photo through it. Which was actually a really creative idea, but at the time I just wanted him to focus on the work.
Later he tidied his room arranging 3 skateboards and creating a mood with coloured lights, then proceeded to lie on the floor and do an drawing, blowing ink around a page. I wasn’t aware he was doing all this, I was too busy doing his assignment, until he asked to use my phone to take a photo.
His focus is shocking, but now I know why. But something has to give because he’s got a lot of work ahead of him and he can’t continue to use me as his scapegoat. And It stresses me out so much.

I’ve also discussed this a bit with him, that I understand him better now and that I’m relieved we’ll be getting him help to focus.

I am sure there are a few mothers who can relate very well to this story. I have changed the name and feel honoured to be working with this young man soon. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Please let me know if this story resonates with you – or if you have a similar example at your home!


Author: Barbara Hoi

I have worked for 14 years with Dyslexic and Asperger geniuses one-on-one, founded Sydney Dyslexia and Autism Sydney, worked in Mosman and at a beach retreat at the Entrance and wrote three books on Dyslexia ('the Right Brain for the Right Time', 'Nurturing the Secret Garden' and 'Learning your Times Tables in Three Bold Steps'). I believe these children and adults have a great gift and the ability to become leaders in their field. But I have also found that a proper diet as well as educating and working together with parents, friends and teachers matters even more. I am now working with small groups at the Entrance Beach Retreat, helping dyslexic adults fulfill their professional dreams and parents to help develop and nurture their child's potential.

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