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Has Reading gone to the Dogs?

dog readers

Has Reading gone to the Dogs? Not at all:
What a good idea! A child feels less intimidated, fearful of humiliation or anxiety, when ‘teaching’ a dog to read and not worrying about how they read:

Reading to a dog


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Another Alternative to Schooling…

What if there was another way to schooling? I don’t know many people who would pull off his education record, but I believe with pooling a group of inspired parents and community members together, it could be an amazing experience that would not only benefit the children, but inspire the community at large.

Maybe that is how education in the future ought to look like? Logan has certainly managed to inspire me – and I hope you get your own snippets of wisdom and inspiration from this young teenager. If only the confidence at public speaking was able to rub off on a young person – what an awesome start in life!

The combination of his personal curriculum is another fascinating mix of a wholesome education that doesn’t neglect to address body, mind and spirit. Way to go, Logan!

I for one am happy to look at an alternative to start right here in Australia. Anyone else?

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Jackie French on her Dyslexia and her new book

Click here to listen to the radio interview:

Australian Author Jackie French

Australian Children’s Laureate Jackie French is being interviewed on Radio New Zealand National on her new book ‘I Spy a Great Reader’ and talks about her challenges at school, being dyslexic. She has written over 100 children’s books and is one of our most beloved authors.

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Why are so many famous people dyslexic?

Axel Gudmundsson is an Icelandic Davis facilitator and has been instrumental in getting Davis into the Icelandic school system, where it is now the most common approach in correcting any learning disability. Iceland happens to have one of the highest, if not THE highest literacy levels across their population. However, his short 5 minute clip is more about famous dyslexic or autistic individuals who helped shape humanity.

Axel now lives in a small village outside Cape Town, South Africa.