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Is this the era to be dyslexic?


ImageIs this the era to be dyslexic?

Wonderful question! If ever there was an era where these right-brain thinkers were to thrive, it would be now. Our world gets more visual all the time. We cannot cope well with the “infobesity” (the information overload), the increased speed of creation, the solving of problems with our linear way of thinking. It certainly seems to make sense that people who are visual, intuitive and creative are better equipped to come up with solutions to many of our major environmental, social, economic, energy and lifestyle problems today.

Is it cool to be dyslexic?

That surely is an individual question I wouldn’t even dare to answer.
I personally think that I am slowly getting more dyslexic, which is good news. I am striving to have a balanced brain, having access to both sides of the brain, depending on the task at hand. I have always thought of dyslexics as being cool, as I like individuals who don’t fit into a box.



Author: Barbara Hoi

I am working with Dyslexic and Asperger geniuses and have opened a centre to expand Sydney Dyslexia to another location right on the beach at the Entrance North. I have written two books on Dyslexia ('the Right Brain for the Right Time' and 'Nurturing the Secret Garden') as I believe these children and adults have a great gift and the ability to become leaders in their field.

4 thoughts on “Is this the era to be dyslexic?

  1. Great post, I love your positivity on all things dyslexic. My 15 yr old son struggles with his ‘dyslexic identity,’ sometimes he finds it hard to be different from his friends. Will show him your blog.

    • That was such an encouraging reply – it’s lovely to see that some of the blogs are making a difference. Even a more positive outlook for your 15-year old son can make a big difference in his confidence and ultimately in the choices that will shape his life. Tell him that I believe he is awesome!

  2. I dunno if I agree with this. I’m sure there were plenty of eras in the past where reading and writing weren’t essential for getting by in life. There is so much focus on literacy that we forget there are other areas where strengths can be held.

    In a time where literacy has become essential, I hope this isn’t THE era! We have so far still to go with improving attitudes and help towards those with dyslexia and other SpLDs.

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