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Maths workshop & Dyslexic humour


Humour corner:

“Ten out of two people have numerical dyslexia.”

and therefore we do have another 2-day Maths workshop coming up:

When? Saturday, October 4 and Sunday, October 5, 2013

Small group of young students (max age 12 years), who have previously done the Dyslexia Correction Program.

Price: $ 500 for 2 days (without accommodation), $ 600 (with accommodation)

For more information call Barbara on 0402 686 327

or email:


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A Clue about Disorientation (by Ron Davis)


Disorientation is not always easy to describe. What does it mean, if we don’t perceive reality in the same way as others? Why does the distortion of one sense cause other senses to shift as well? I have found an explanation in Ron’s book that might help to explain:

” During my first year of college, I got a bad cold that developed into a severe inner-ear infection. I lay delirious in the hospital for two days, then woke up experiencing  uncontrollable disorientation. Sounds were so loud they wouldn’t do what I wanted them to do. When I opened my eyes, all my senses told me I was spinning in space. 

When I asked the doctor what was happening, he told me that it was because my brain was receiving and sending conflicting sensory perceptions.

‘Your inner ears have two organs that tell your brain which way is up,’ he explained. ‘The right one is working, but the left one is telling your brain that UP is some other direction. The two signals don’t agree, so you feel like you’re spinning around.

‘But I can see that I’m spinning,’ I said, ‘Why is that?’

‘Yours senses aren’t allowed to disagree,’ said the doctor. ‘It seems to be the way the brain is constructed. Your vision is adjusting to make the signals agree with each other. The spinning you see is tracking with the distortions in your sense of balance.’

At the time, it helped to know that what I was experiencing was a result of the illness, and that the distortions would go away. Later on, when I began researching disorientation, this clue stuck in my mind. It explained why a distortion of one perception causes the others to shift correspondingly.” (from the Gift of Dyslexia, by Ron Davis)

The same disorientation was reproduced, when people where asked to wear glasses, that were incredible disorienting. They turned everything people saw through them, upside down. So for 3 weeks, all the images were reversed, until after 3 weeks, the brain adjusted and corrected the reversal, in order to see the world the ‘right way up’ again. When they were allowed to take the glasses off, the eyes and the brain had to adjust yet again, as everything was seen standing on its head again, with the glasses off. Isn’t our mind wonderful in adjusting!


Grammar for Dyslexics 4.1: Pronouns

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Personal Pronouns and the difference between a Subject and an Object in a sentence.

Pronouns replace Nouns. Pronouns are tricky for Dyslexics, as they don’t have a clear picture, because they change, depending on the place they take in a sentence and because they also depend on the person who does (Subject) or receives (Object) something.
There is a second and third part to Pronouns, about Possessive Pronouns, Demonstrative Pronouns, etc.

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The Right Brain for the Right Time

– You don’t have to be Dyslexic, but it helps –


The world is speeding up. Weeks are flying by, information flooding

us, technology submerging our lives – fast and increasingly visual.


Dyslexics are Picture Thinkers. They fit perfectly into this new world

of infinite possibility, intuitively aware of their potential.


Given the right tools to harness the power of their right brain

thinking, they can use creativity to focus and tap into the universal

mind to re-define themselves.


This is an exciting time if you know how to participate as a conscious

creator and none are better equipped for it than those who are

currently struggling in our schools.


This insightful and practical book will bring relief and real answers

to help mothers to RELAX, and shift their focus to empower themselves

and naturally create a higher quality of connection in all

relationships. Consequently they will hold a safe space for their

children to thrive, rather than ‘fixing’ what is not broken in the

first place.


Reading this book will change the way you think about yourself, gently

guiding you into a life, filled with new possibilities. Your children

and partner will be far happier and successful as a result.